Quickstart Guide

Quick Start Guide: Generating Your First Article

Firstly, you need to create anOpenRouter account and add funds (start with $5).

You will need this key to generate content. This is important! Go into the settings section and enter the respective keys.

To dive right into RankBoost AI and start generating an article immediately, simply go to the Generate Tab. This section offers straightforward options for article generation tailored to your needs.

Generating Your Article:

  • Choose Your Method: Start by selecting how you'd like to generate content. You can create an article based on a title or switch to a keyword-based approach. Just enter the title or keyword you aim to rank for, and RankBoost AI will craft an article optimized for that term.

  • Keywords Explained: Remember, a keyword can be a single word or a phrase (e.g., "how to choose the right bicycle"). This flexibility allows you to target specific search queries more accurately.

  • Processing Time: Due to our thorough research and quality assurance protocols, RankBoost AI typically requires between 15-20 minutes to produce your article. For more insight into our process, visit our Methodology page.

While You Wait:

  • Multitask Without Worry: Feel free to navigate away from the page while your article is being generated. We'll send you an email notification once your article is ready, and you can always check the status or access completed articles on the Projects page.

Accessing Your Article:

  • Read or Export: Once your article is ready, you can read it directly on the platform or download it as a CSV file using the Export button located at the top of the page.

This quick start guide is designed to get you up and running with RankBoost AI in under a minute, allowing you to experience the power of AI-driven SEO content creation with minimal setup.

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