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The Beacon feature in RankBoost is designed to streamline the process of monitoring and analyzing competitor websites, particularly their sitemaps. This tool automates the task of tracking changes and updates in competitor sitemaps, enabling users to gather inspiration and create content more efficiently.

How Beacon Works

Beacon allows users to set up automated alerts for multiple competitors and sitemaps. By entering the sitemap URL of a competitor, Beacon can track and import updates, providing users with fresh data to inform their content strategy.

Setting Up a Beacon

  1. Accessing Beacon:

    • Navigate to the Beacon section within RankBoost and click on the "Create" button.

  2. Configuring Your Beacon:

    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for your Beacon for easy identification.

    • Sitemap URL: Input the sitemap URL of the competitor you wish to track. For example, if you are tracking TechCrunch, you would enter their sitemap URL.

    • Path Specification: If you wish to monitor specific sections of the sitemap (e.g., only posts from 2024), you can specify the path. Leave this blank to monitor the entire sitemap.

  3. Refining Your Search:

    • To further refine the data Beacon tracks, you can specify paths within the sitemap, such as /2024/ to focus on content from that year, or /2024/03/ to narrow down to content from March 2024.

  4. Launching Your Beacon:

    • Once configured, click "Launch" to activate your Beacon. You will receive an email notification once the initial data pull is complete and the Beacon is fully operational.

Advanced Features

  • Auto Beacon: This feature ensures your Beacon automatically updates its data every 24 hours, pulling the latest changes from the specified sitemap. Users receive email notifications about new or updated URLs.

  • Feedback and Customization: RankBoost is open to enhancing the Beacon feature based on user feedback. If more frequent updates are needed, users are encouraged to reach out.

Monitoring and Utilizing Data

  • Viewing URLs: The Beacon dashboard displays all tracked URLs, including the date each was added. Users can click through to view specific URLs of interest.

  • Content Heisting: If a URL contains desirable content, users can use the "Heist" button to import it into their strategy. The "Heist" feature's documentation provides further details on this process.

  • Re-Heisting: For previously heisted content, a "Re-Heist" option allows for easy updates, with the new content overwriting the old.

Beacon by RankBoost offers a powerful way to stay ahead of the competition by automating the monitoring of competitor sitemaps. With its customizable tracking and automated updates, Beacon ensures users have the latest data to inform their content and SEO strategies.

For any questions or additional support, please refer to the RankBoost help center or contact our support team.

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