Content Generation Options/Inputs

We understand that there are a few options that might not be straight-forward. This is a page to clear up all your confusion :).

Options for Content Generation

When using RankBoost AI for content generation, you have the flexibility to customize various aspects of the generated content to suit your needs. Here are some key options you can specify:

  1. Tone:

    • Set the tone of the content being generated. Choose from options such as Professional, Lighthearted but Informational, Informational, Depressing, etc. This helps tailor the style of the content to match your brand voice or the intended audience.

  2. Internal Links:

    • Specify links that you want AI to embed within the article. The system will select links that make the most sense based on the URL structure provided. Ensure that the links are relevant and add value to the context of the article. Separate each link by a new line.

  1. Categories:

    • Our system can categorize the article based on its context. To create a category set, click the Category link and add new categories. Each category item should be listed on a new line. The system will choose the most suitable categories for the article. Remember, one article can belong to multiple categories.

  1. CTA (Call to Action):

    • Create a call to action instance by clicking the CTA link in the menu. Here, you can define a new CTA with a description and link. Once added to the generation process, the system will incorporate a custom CTA based on the description and link provided. It's important to note that the content of the article does not affect the placement of the CTA; it will always be included. Therefore, ensure that you choose the right CTA for your intended purpose.

With these options, you can fine-tune the generated content to align with your brand's objectives and engage your audience effectively. You can choose the respective CTA and Category set on the Generate/Heist pages.

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